Javascript learning roadmap

The most important observation I made during my years of struggling to learn programming languages and technologies was that having a clear roadmap and a clear objective in mind makes the process way easier. This has nothing to do with Javascript or computer science, is how our brain is wired.

I came up with this roadmap for Javascript going through many tutorials and books and I use it regularly to relearn JS whenever a frontend project comes up for me. It starts with the most basic concepts (mostly cheat sheets) and ends with the important concepts that any professional should master discussed in depth.

The basics of Javascript

You should definitely master this:

Javascript and the Web browser

OOP in Javascript

EcmaScript 2015

New features on the block:

Advanced Javascript

We enter in advanced territory here. You should master the above topics by now:

Best Practices / Performance

Luckily, the world is full of Javascript related content, so it won’t be hard to find materials even if you are a beginner. I will name only one book and one great blog  that helped me a lot.

For absolute newcomers into programming, I recommend starting with this (w3schools tutorial).

The most important part is the practice. Have a JsBin opened all the time and try everything out.

Thank you for your time!

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