Weekly Web Wisdom main purpose is to give a helping hand to all developers in their struggle to build awesome things and keep up with the latest web technologies and machine learning.

During my career, I put together a pretty large compendium of notes and cheat sheets in my journey to become a ‘very good’ full stack developer.  My definition of  ‘very good developer’ was very naive back then and now I believe that this journey has no end. We, as developers, are meant to learn all the time in order to stay relevant. And the most important quality of a full stack developer is the capacity to learn, synthesize information and adapt to new circumstances.  And that is a great think!

My goal is to create quality content that will serve both beginners and experienced developers. The kind of content that I would have liked to find in my early years and which would have saved me a lot of time to learn.

I hope you will find these blog helpful too.

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